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Weight Loss

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Scarsdale Integrative Medicine’s Weight Loss Programs have been designed to help you reach your goals as quickly as possible, and also to help you maintain your weight loss. These programs are clinically designed for success!

We want to help you understand your relationship with nutrition and what your body truly needs for optimal health.

Medical Weight Loss Program

Overcoming obesity can be a lifelong battle. We diagnose and then personalize a program that’s best for you and then we use that program to treat you so you can loose weight rapidly and keep it off.

  1. In-depth Medical Evaluation by our board certified physician

    Safe and successful weight loss starts from correct diagnosis of the underlying cause. Dr.Lee will dedicate one hour to review your medical history. She will also review the medications and supplements that you take that may be preventing you from losing weight and change them to appropriate medications and supplements that will help you to lose weight. We will also perform an EKG to evaluate your cardiac status and blood work to assess your nutritional status and rule out thyroid disease, insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome

  2. Detailed diet and weight history will be taken by our nutritionist
  3. Body Impedance Analysis

    It is important to know your body’s composition fat mass and fat free mass of water, muscle and bone. Your basal metabolic rate will let us predict your daily caloric requirements for you to lose weight safely over a 12 week period. You body’s intracellular water and extracellular water percentages will let us know how toxic you are and your cell’s phase angle will let us determine your functional age.


Everybody has a different life story and everyone’s life circumstances determine different ways to lose weight. Based on our initial evaluation, we will provide you with an individualized weight loss program


Our treatment includes weekly weight checks, behavioral and psychosocial treatments and one-to-one counseling. Motivational and behavioral therapy are a big part of your weekly meetings with our staff.

  1. Purist - We are what we eat.

    Designed for people who want to detox and lose weight purely through juicing, food and protein meal replacements

    We offer a 10 Day Liver Detox (see below), protein meal replacements and we are partnered up with Andy’s Pure Food and O2 Living for juice cleansing and Detox.

practice policies
  1. Step it up - Pharmacotherapy

    When will power is not enough to curb your appetite and stop your cravings, you may need the help of weight loss supplements, medication and metabolism boosting injections.

    MIC-B12 injections help you to lose fat safely and give you an extra energy boost to work out and speed up your metabolism.

  2. Perimenopausal and menopausal women with sudden increases in abdominal girth may need the help of hormones to lose weight.
10 Day Detox Diet Plan

We are constantly exposed to environmental toxins. What we eat, drink, breathe and touch can accumulate in our bodies, potentially causing undesirable symptoms such as fatigue, weight gain and brain fog.

Your body’s natural cleansing process may be able to eliminate water soluble compounds, but fat soluble compounds require enzymes from the liver and nutrients to breakdown.

Our 10 Day Liver Detox Kit provides you with dietary guidelines and science-based natural supplements and protein shakes to support your natural pathways of metabolic detoxification. (Click here to find out more about the Kit)

Our 10-Day Detox Diet Plan that will help you to:
  • Jumpstart your metabolism
  • Eliminate annoying cravings
  • Increase your energy as you cleanse your body of harmful toxins

You will feel healthier than you have in years as you begin to lose unwanted weight and body fat.

Beta HCG Medical Weight Loss Program

With the standard crash diet, people loose muscle as well as fat. Muscle loss is bad for your body and your metabolism and is also harder to maintain. It may look great on your scale but ultimately you will end up with the up and down effect of most diets. The HCG Program has demonstrated that it changes body composition in favor of muscle vs. fat.

Our HCG Medical Weight Loss Program uses both Beta HCG and MIC B12 injections, which has shown to encourage weight loss while maintaining muscle.

This program is especially helpful for patients who feel that their weight gain is a result of:

  • hormonal dysfunction
  • slow metabolism
  • chronic fatigue and stress
Maintaining Your Weight Loss

The biggest problem of any weight loss program is the yo-yo effect where you gain all of your weight back after the initial weight loss stage. With Scarsdale Integrative Medicine’s Weight Loss Program you will be able to keep your weight in check by using:

  • Elimination Diet based on food sensitivity testing
  • Healthy Transformational meal planning with high protein shakes, soup mixes, low glycemic protein bars and fibers
  • BIA scans to measure your body fat on a monthly basis
  • Supplementation to help burn fat and build muscle mass

Call our office at (914)722-9440 to set up an appointment so we can review what weight loss approach would be most appropriate for you or click here to send a message.