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2 Overhill Road, Suite 260
Scarsdale NY 10583
Phone: 914.722.9440
Fax: 914.722.9441

Scarsdale Integrative Medicine
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Vision & Values


Our vision is to practice safe, high quality health care, which encompasses the wholeness and values of all. We stay firmly grounded in evidence-based medicine yet respect the different health beliefs of all who come through our door.

We value the science of Western Medicine and the philosophy of Eastern Medicine, and we utilize the best of both modalities. However, we will respect your wishes in terms of how you want to be treated.

Some of our patients choose Traditional (or mainstream) Medicine for their treatment, while others prefer a Holistic or Functional medical approach. We also have patients who want us to use a combination of both.

At Scarsdale Integrative Medicine we treat the individual, not the symptom. Yes, we treat illnesses and diseases, but our focus is on prevention and getting to the cause of a patient’s issues.