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Naturopathic Medicine


Naturopathic medicine is based on naturopathic principles, which understand the body’s innate ability to help itself heal from illness. A naturopathic physician treats the whole person, not the individual symptoms of the person’s disease.

Naturopathic medicine strives to “Do no harm” and to boost the body’s natural immune response.

The treatment options are called “modalities,” and there are many to choose from. Nutrition, oriental medicine and acupuncture, botanical medicine, homeopathy and hydrotherapy are some of the modalities naturopathic physicians may choose to use. They also are knowledgeable about Western medical treatments such as pharmaceuticals.

Examples of when to use a naturopathic physician

Here are a few good examples of when someone might choose a naturopathic physician rather than an allopathic one:

You know that certain vitamins can improve health, but the vitamin you’re taking doesn’t seem to be doing what it promised.

So what’s the problem—is it the brand, the dosage or maybe the vitamin itself? A naturopathic physician can help you assess and refine your diet and vitamins to reach optimum health.

You’re tired of being rundown, sick or in pain all the time.

Naturopathic medicine is particularly effective for treating chronic and debilitating diseases such as arthritis, back pain, diabetes, chronic fatigue and menopause symptoms.

You’re worried about the long-term effects and side effects of pharmaceuticals.

When naturopathic physicians treat a patient, the first thing they do is use natural medicines to boost the patient’s immune system. Only if the patient’s immune system is overwhelmed and cannot fight off the disease will the physicians use Western medicine pharmaceuticals as a last resort.

Dr. Delayne Gratopp, ND, is Scarsdale Integrative Medicine’s naturopathic physician, working with patients on the issues described above as well as other conditions. (Click here for Dr. Gratopp’s biography).

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