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Pain Management Medical Marijuana

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At Scarsdale Integrative Medicine, we offer pain managementtherapies as an alternative to pain medications. These include:

  • Acupuncture
  • Biopuncture
  • CBD oil
  • Electric stimulation
  • Medical Marijuana
  • Trigger point injection with B12 and lidocaine
Medical Marijuana   

With medical marijuana now being legal in NY, it isimportant for you as patients to learn about cannabis and make responsible andinformed consumer choices about the newly approved product.  Medical marijuana therapy is proven to safelyalleviate pain and suffering without having psychogenic side effects with theproper medical supervision. 

Dr. Bernie Lee, an expert in Medical Marijuana, was one ofthe first specialists to become certified by the New York State Department ofHealth to certify and treat qualified patients with Medical Marijuanatherapy.  Dr. Lee has close workingrelationships with local Medical Marijuana Dispensaries to ensure a strong,collaborative nature that will maximize efficacious and safe treatment plans foreach individual patient. 

Dr. Bernie Lee talked about Medical Marijuana on Cannabis Internet Radio Show called "In the Know 420" on January 27, 2017. Click here to listen and find out more about Medical Marijuana. 

Scarsdale Integrative Medicine Medical Cannabis Program 


  • Full medical assessment to evaluate for qualification of certification for NY State Medical Marijuana Program
  • Counseling on risks and benefits of Medical Cannabis
  • Counseling on how to use medication, how to register for NYS, and how to manage potential side effects
  • Electronic Certification to NYS Department of Health and initial recommendation
  • 1 hour visit

 1st FOLLOW UP VISIT:  $350

  • 1 month from start of new medication
  • Evaluate medical efficacy, adjust dosing, and manage side effects
  • New recommendation to NYS DOH and dispensary
  • Ongoing collaboration with patient’s other physicians, as well as, cannabis dispensary pharmacist
  • 30 minutes visit (depending on clinical status, phone follow up may suffice)
  • New recommendation if needed


  • Minimum every 3 months for stable clinical status and dosing regimen
  • Not stable dosing regimen may need more frequent follow up
  • Depending on clinical side status, phone visit may suffice
  • 30 minutes visit
  • New recommendation if needed


Currently in New York, there are only several qualifyingconditions for this therapy. For more information or to schedule an appointmentfor a medical evaluation with Dr. Bernie Lee for Medical Marijuanacertification and treatment, please call our office at (914)722-9440 to set up an appointment!