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Kurt Waples, Chiropractor


Dr. Kurt Waples

Chiropractic Medicine / Integrative Medicine / Weight Loss Detoxification

Dr. Kurt Waples graduated with a Doctorate of Chiropractic from Northwestern Health Science University in 2011. While obtaining his doctorate he attended over 1000 clinical hours of postgraduate education in the fields of Applied Kinesiology, Functional Medicine, Clinical Detoxification and anti-aging. He is currently working toward three diplomates, two in specific fields of nutrition and the other in Applied Kinesiology.

Dr. Kurt has created a system of physical assessment, ‘Body Comp Analytics’. This system has over 73 different parameters which are measured in office. Body Comp Analytics provides the patient with information pertaining to their fat mass, muscle mass, frame mass, water content and distribution, tissue health and hormonal balance. Part of the system assesses body fat distribution, which is under hormone control. This type of assessment is often the missing link when it comes to changing body composition. Dr. Kurt has found that an optimal body composition leads to optimal health.

Dr. Kurt Waples opened Bluestone Health Group in Stamford, CT in 2015. It has grown exponentially in the past 2 years and now Dr. Kurt is teaming up with Dr. Joon Lee and the Scarsdale Integrative Medicine team to bring this advanced body composition assessment along with clinical detoxification strategies to an already highly progressive, well established and patient centered clinic.

Please contact us to schedule an appointment with Dr. Kurt Waples at 914.722.9440.

"This is the Family Practice YOU and YOUR loved ones should be attending for your health care needs. Dr.Lee has gathered together a group of highly trained professionals who follow Dr.Lee's lead in treating the entire patient, body, mind, spirit/emotion. Dr.Lee does not rely entirely on Allopathic remedies, basically placing a pharmaceutical quick fix that attacks only the symptom, not the cause. Are you tried of hearing that your blood work is fine, so you are fine and your illness is all in your head? If so, call Scarsdale Integrative Medicine. You'll be treated with compassion and concern. Most importantly, you will find answers as to why you are not feeling 100% ."